Daft Punk — Homework|Album Review (part 2)

Apart from that, an exceptional dance tune. Now, out of all of the collaborators I see on this LP, the last pair of artists I would see collaborating with Katy B is Four Tet and Floating Points. 

These guys are very well known in the electronic music scene, for making very experimental and challenging IDM, and even Post-Rock, in Four Tet’s case. However, we don’t see any Post-Rock here, all we get is maddening bassline, this infectious beat. There are string sections in this song, and piano stabs that rot the brain from being so sugary, this is music that displeases dentists everywhere.

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It all seems like a mess of a song, but it just works so well. The track «Heavy» features grime producer Mr. Mitch. Unlike «Lose Your Head», this is great. It’s very trippy and sounds like a dreamy, watery kaleidoscope of sound. Katy B stands out on this song, though, talking about love being a manipulation, and Katy B being the victim of such manipulation.

A very wierd and wonderful track indeed. The lead single from this album is next, which is a vocal edition of a brilliant tune from KDA and Shadow Child that was huge in Ibiza, titled «Rumble». The beat is hard and has an almost tribal house edge to it. And the lead melody is irresistible. However, it is the vocal version that is on the album, which isn’t as throwaway as you might think. 

Of course, Tinie Tempah does what Tinie Tempah does, we can’t change that. However, Katy B gives some of her best vocals here on this track, no wonder this reached Number 1 in the UK, you know, before Adele happened. And we keep the house music coming on the track «Dark Delirium» which has Jamie Jones on production, a man who is known for producing minimal but arse-shaking house music, as well as Kate Simko, who also delves into this genre. 

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And the results are great, there are so many sounds, from the eccentric bassline, to the rapid-fire beat, to the grand string section, harps and everything. Katy B gives a great vocal performance as always, yeah, this is my jam. The next track, «Water Rising» features production from MssingNo, who blends R&B; and grime seemlessly, I have been quite the fan, as well as Geeneus, who has previously worked with Dizzy Rascal.

So, we have a grime track with no rappers. Fan-fucking-dabby-dosy! The production has simple elements behind it, but all work together on this grand scale as the songs builds, it creates an electric atmosphere. Katy B, however gives quite a mediocre performance, in my opinion, especially towards the end of the track, however it is still a decent track. 

The penultimate track «Dreamerz» features Hannah Wants, who, like Chris Lorenzo, makes damn good house music. The start of the track sounds so dramatic, and carries on throughout the track. It is a great dance tune backing the vocals, which do a great job of matching the mood and tune of the instrumental, you can tell they were made for each other and go hand-in-hand, and this is a theme that shows up on this album. Katy B does collaboration right on this album, she has really thought about every aspect of each and every one of these collaborations, from who she is collaborating with, what they bring to the album and how they will do it. I really commend Katy B for this.

Картинки по запросу daft punk

And the final track is also called «Honey». But it isn’t by Katy B. It can’t be. Because it sounds to me like a Destiny’s Child deep-cut with a rap feature in the middle. I mean, don’t get me wrong, we all love a bit of Destiny’s Child, but it’s not what I had in mind for the album closer. 

Nonetheless, it is still a great song out of the context of the album, which is what I can say for most of these tracks, you know. This doesn’t have to be listened all the way through, and I take that as a good thing. There are some songs on this LP that I dislike, but track for track, this is a great album.

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