Shehyee (2013) — Album Review

If you watch Fliptop, you’ve probably already heard about Shehyee. Let’s see what Shehyee’s self-titled album has to offer.

#3 Eh Ano (So What?). Good job by Thyro…as usual. The production and lyrical writing are decent. Perhaps it just lacks impact. #2 Halika Na (Come Join!). If my research is correct, this is part of Diary ng Panget’s soundtrack. But since I haven’t seen that, I don’t know how this song was used in the movie. Anyway. All I just want to say is that the song feels bland and too safe. It’s shallow when compared to Shehyee’s other songs.

Картинки по запросу Shehyee

Perhaps the best part of the song is the chorus. #1 Isang Umaga (One Morning). This sounds like a typical EDM song. It’s kinda okay but if you put this alongside Shehyee’s other songs, this is the weakest. But if to be used for a party or festival, sure this can work. #3 Suplado (Snob). #2 Trip Lang (Just for Fun) #1 Inspirasyon (Inspiration).

I’ll just share all my comments in the next segment. First of all, I want to give a hand to the producer and the team who made this album. I’m impressed with the variety, quality, and consistency of the production and songwriting. Songs sound different from each other. Based on my experience in listening to Pinoy rap, this kind of consistency seems rare. I also appreciate the sense of musicality here, which is often a weakness for most rappers.

Kudos to Shehyee and everyone who helped for their effort and attempt to make Pinoy rap music more interesting…musically. We’ll do this differently since I’ll be commenting on the Top 5 songs. #5 Balang Araw (Some day). Incorporating the audio recordings of people sharing their dreams proves to be effective. The song came off as more personal. 

Похожее изображение

#4 Maria Clara. The song of the conservative man and a song that’ll probably trigger a feminist today. I rarely ever hear a rap song about a man looking for a conservative woman. Why? Because hip hop is notorious for sexualizing and objectifying people. The more scandalous, the more attractive. It’s a refreshing take so-to-speak. The usage of the Maria Clara character is also a nice touch as it has become a famous archetype for the traditional Filipina. 

Yes we can fight over the accuracy of this analogy but if you understood the symbolism here, then that’s it. #3 Suplado (Snob). The song for fans who feel awkward around their idols. The flow is lit. The music is simple but it’s interesting enough to carry the song. And again, good job by Thyro. #2 Trip Lang (Just for Fun?). 

A song you can use to hype up a vacation or road trip with friends. The lyrics is nice and the music is effective in conveying the emotion of good vibes. But the cherry on top here is Sam Pinto’s short verse where the first lines goes like: Even when I don’t sing well, I still have the guts to do so. This line is so smart because now I don’t have a legit reason to criticize Sam.

Похожее изображение

And besides, she isn’t even ruining the song in the first place so it’s alright. #1 Inspirasyon (Inspiration). The song for those who love but aren’t loved back. «Just a friend». «Just a friend». Yes what’s really shown is what you can do to the energy you give to a person who is still not reciprocating this to you. I’m sure a lot of you can relate. But instead of forcing the love, Shehyee comes to the idea of using this love as an inspiration to improve himself instead. 

It’s up to you to decide if the move is right or wrong. For me, the lyrics is nice and well-written. Lastly, the band effort is solid. It helps a lot in delivering the message. In other words, the album’s production is well-done. But how is the lyrical writing? It’s okay. The rhyming and disses are alright. Suplado’s flow is my favorite. The songs are easy enough to understand and most of them have a positive tone. So if you’re looking for a wholesome rapper, Shehyee is a choice.

Картинки по запросу Shehyee

But I believe the songs can have more depth either in the levels of meaning, rhyme schemes, and choice of words. If I were to compare Shehyee to another rapper I’ve already reviewed, the closest one is Loonie. Shehyee’s album has better production value but lyrics-wise, Loonie still writes better. There’s more depth, poetry, and mystery in the Ultrasound album. But in a more general comparison, the two albums are neck-and-neck.

Shehyee has a good sense of production and musicality that helps him have his own place in the world of Pinoy hip hop. He writes decent bars that usually have a positive message that can inspire people. And lastly, this album is entertaining, to say the least. 

I’m giving this self-titled album This album came out in 2013. The moment this video comes out, the year is 2019. What’s Shehyee’s plans? If I were to be asked, I’d like to see Shehyee release a new album soon. I’m Mikoy and until next time, thank you and long live Pinoy music!

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