Clingy Golden Retriever Wants To Join hugs

When animals begin to act like humans, it can be either hilarious or touching.

People who prefer not to have their own family (yet) usually decide to have pets and treat them as their family, which is a fantastic decision because animals, such as dogs, make excellent companions.

Some pet owners treat their dogs as if they were their own children. They buy them clothes, fancy accessories, delicious food, and even carry them around like real children.

Because dogs are always there for their humans, it’s natural for them to be a part of every milestone and special occasion in their owners’ lives. We’re sure the party is even more enjoyable with your good boy present.

Some dogs, like Golden Retrievers, are known for being gentle and affectionate. This makes them more likable and charming than the others.

Charlie the Golden Retriever is a perfect example of how clingy and affectionate this breed is for he loves being part of any social interaction his humans do.

When he sees his owners hugging, he gets in between them to show how much he wants to be a part of it.

Charlie’s amusing gesture left the woman speechless at the clingy dog’s personality. He is, indeed, a clingy Golden Retriever.

Moments like this make it hard to think that our dogs will only be around for a short time, so giving them lots of hugs and kisses becomes, even more, special and memorable.

Watch Charlie’s funny but sweet reaction when he sees two humans hugging in the video below.

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