She had her first child when she was 17 years old. She is now the mother of nine children.

Yalancia Rosario, 29, discovered the gender of her unborn child after becoming pregnant for the ninth time.

She’s going to have another boy.

Yalencia and her husband Michael from Texas, USA, recently shared with their fans the exciting news that their ninth child will be born soon.

The future baby’s name has not yet been decided, but the brothers Jamal, Michael Jr., Angelo, Armani, Prince, Sinsir, and Gimani are eagerly anticipating his arrival.

(Yes, the couple now has seven sons after their fourth died at birth.)

Yalancia became a mother for the first time when she was 17, and her current pregnancy is another step toward her goal of having at least twenty children.

The woman is confident that she and her husband will be able to provide a good education and raise their children properly.

Although she already admits that she has to spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner for everyone.

Yalancia and Michael are actively blogging on the Internet and are already quite famous in the USA.

And the bigger their family gets, the more popular they become.

Now more than 70,000 people are watching their lives.

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