Five siblings who had been separated and spending time apart in foster care were adopted by a couple.

A child who has been placed for adoption wishes to be a part of a family. Not only did one child’s dream come true in this story, but the dreams of five children did as well. What’s more, these five children are siblings who had been separated in foster care.

The five siblings no longer have to worry about being separated because they were all adopted by the same family, the Bonuras.

Andi and Thomas Bonura thought they’d never have another child after losing one of their twins at 5 months old.

They were eager to grow their family and began considering adoption. However, it did not go through because they were unexpectedly blessed with two more daughters.

The doctor advised Andi not to become pregnant again after having their two daughters, Daphne and Sadie. This was heartbreaking news for the couple, who had always desired a large family.

They became licensed foster parents and adopted two children before returning to their biological families.

The couple’s search for a new foster child continued until they came across baby Bryson, who is now two years old. They discovered that our Bryson has four siblings who have been living in different foster homes for the past two years.

To fulfill their dream of having a large family while also making Bryson happy, the couple asked if they could adopt some of his siblings.

They were apparently approved, and they were overjoyed when they learned that all five of their children would be placed for adoption.

The twins who had been placed in foster care were overjoyed to join the Bondura family. They finally moved in with their foster family and were reunited with their siblings in May.

The adoption took two years to finalize and it was done via Zoom, an online video teleconference. Andi and Thomas were very happy to take them all and start their lives as a big, happy family.

Andi said that the adoption process is “emotionally challenging” but it also comes with great happiness and satisfaction. They are both glad they are able to provide the kids with a safe and happy home they all deserve.

Looking after eight kids is surely no joke. This is why a lot of people see Andi as a super mom. Nonetheless, Andi said she is nothing special and it’s the other moms’ encouragement that made her strong.

«The only reason I got through it all was because of the other foster moms and the support we have for each other,» Andi explained. If fostering isn’t for you, Andi says you can still help foster children by supporting their families.

«I just hope that more people see the beauty in this and find a way to get involved, even if it’s just support or being a babysitter for a foster mom,» Andi said.

Despite being separated for years, the five children appear to have known each other their entire lives. They all have each other’s backs and are proud to be brothers and sisters.

It hasn’t been easy for Andi and Thomas to look after eight kids who all go to school. However, the lockdown has given them a lot of opportunities to bond. The kids are home-schooling and they play when they have extra time.

All kids are beautiful and amazing. It is not any of these kids’ fault that they were abandoned or put up for adoption.

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