In her new wheelchair, a paralyzed puppy bounds about with unabashed joy.

Everyone wants to provide the best for their pets as pet parents. Caring for these tiny kids and meeting their fundamental requirements is something that every parent desires. Some even go out of their way to make their pets happy.

Some pets, like humans, may require specific care. Erica, for example, discovered a puppy named Pigeon while visiting a shelter. The puppy’s previous owner abandoned her at a veterinarian’s office because she required special care.

Pigeon was involved in a tragic accident in which she hurt her back and was unable to utilize her hind legs. Pigeon had some time to recover from her injuries so that her new owners could assist her in exploring various choices for movement.

However, there came a time when Erica could see Pigeon was frustrated. She was sluggish and couldn’t keep up with the other dogs. She kept dragging her hind legs, but it wasn’t enough.

Erica called the wheelchair designer, who had created a wheelchair for another of her dogs. The choice proved to be life-changing. Pigeon was introduced to the wheelchair by Erica, but he had no idea what to do with it.

The kind owner took it one step at a time. Slowly but steadily, Pigeon finally learned how to use the wheelchair. She had fallen in love with it. She would instantly start with her zoomies as soon as she had them on.

Pigeon could play around in the yard with the other dogs and loved to play fetch with Erica. She was always ecstatic each time she had them on, and riding in her wheelchair felt like it was an extension of her body.

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