The woman had 12 children by the age of 32. What they do and where they live now

The woman is slightly older than 30 years old and works as a mother every day.

Kate and her husband, John, have a total of 12 children.

Their oldest son is 14 years old, and their youngest is 1 year old.

Kate has been pregnant nearly every year since she was 18 years old.

At the age of 19, she gave birth to her first child.

The couple’s ambition was to have a daughter.

Their daughter Eva was born when Kate was 20 years old.

Their family now has 12 children. Maxim is 14 years old, Eva is 12 years old, Alice is 11 years old, Milana is 10 years old, Kolya is 9 years old, Veronika is 7 years old, Yana is 6 years old, Lera is 4 years old, Vitalina and Leva are 3 years old, Tolya is 2.5 years old, and Vika is 1 year old.

Prior to the birth of the youngest daughter, the family lived in a private house with no running water or sewerage.

They occupied one and a half rooms totaling 34 square meters.

The house needed to be renovated.

Her husband worked from morning to night, and Katya received benefits for having a large family, but their financial situation remained difficult.

Because the couple could not afford separate beds for the children at first, the children slept on three sofas.

The volunteers then provided them with two bunk beds, making it easier for the children to stay overnight.

With the help of the media, she got a new apartment.

The housing issue of the family aroused the intense interest of local media.

She is a heroine mother, awarded medals for the birth of 12 children and their upbringing.

Journalists and deputies came to congratulate her on each hospital discharge.

But no one was in a rush to address the issue of dilapidated housing.

Finally, a local businessman became interested in the problem of a large family and purchased a three-story house, repaired it well, and relocated the family for free.

The children now have their own rooms, a large playroom, a living room, a gym, a swimming pool, a large kitchen, and all the amenities they require.

They cook 14 liters of soup and clean a bucket of potatoes a day.

Kate admits that raising children requires energy, time and resources.

However, the couple does not think to stop there.

They have already studied at the School of Foster Parents and now they have a desire to be the guardians of several orphaned children.

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