How the life of the thumbelina girl, who will always be the size of a doll, continues

Look at this adorable infant in the photo.

There appears to be nothing remarkable — a young child is sitting in her stroller.

That’s because this stroller is intended for a medium-sized doll rather than a toddler.

Abigail, our story’s small protagonist, has a petite stature.

The girl was born with an extremely unusual type of dwarfism.

A complete diagnosis of it sounds very difficult, and in simple words, with such a pathology, the body does not grow at all.

Unfortunately, even modern medicine can’t help Abigail in any way.

The young girl weighs 4 kg at the age of two.

The older sister, who is only two years older than Abi, appears to be a true giantess in comparison to her surroundings.

Miniature furniture, toys, and household objects are particularly ordered for the infant to make her feel at ease.

According to doctors’ forecasts, if the girl grows up, then not much, but otherwise Abi has every chance of a full life.

Over time, she will learn to walk, talk, be able to study, and acquire a profession that corresponds to her capabilities.

Parents do not lose hope that someday medicine will find a way to help their tiny “Thumbelina”.

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