All this time, the boy believed that his neighbors hated him since he spent all day playing basketball, but here is the real reason

A young guy who thought his neighbors despised him because he dribbled his basketball up and down the street had the most delightful of shocks.

Anthony Muobike is a basketball fanatic from Edmonton, Canada. He enjoys the game and spends a large amount of time each day developing his talents.

Despite the fact that the young man, who was just 14 at the time, was concerned that his continual dribbling might annoy his neighbors, the exact reverse was true.

Anthony’s neighbors were so pleased with his talents that they got together to gather cash and buy him a brand new basketball hoop.

According to Ian Ray, a long-time resident of the area, he and others just wanted to express their solidarity with such a wonderful young kid.

«Just a kid who trickled a basketball all day and all night, so I sort of assumed it would be amazing if he had a net,» Ian said.

Ian and a few other people in the area helped Anthony a lot. They each gave a small amount of money, which added up to a huge $750.

The cash has been put on a gift card for the business so that Anthony, who is just beginning out in basketball, may acquire further equipment to help him achieve his goals.

Anthony was overjoyed, stating he couldn’t believe it, just as his mother Leticia, who had just come to the region with her son a year ago, couldn’t believe it when she learned that her town had joined together in such a way.

«Wow,» she said. This is enormous. I wasn’t expecting it. I had no idea I had such a wonderful community that watches out for one another.

I keep promising him, ‘I’m going to get it next week, next month,’ This means a lot to me and my family. «The love has overtaken me.»

Anthony is now entirely focused on succeeding as a professional. I’ll be in the NBA in 2026, and then I’ll attempt to give back to those folks, and I’ll make them all proud. I’ll be on your television.

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