The dog’s amusing reaction to his parents’ engagement makes for an extra special moment

This story is so amazing! These owners always bring their dog, Sonny, when they go to the beach. He enjoys the sun and visiting the seashore and always gets excited when being there.

This time was special for both Sonny and her owners. Sonny realized that something beautiful would happen at that moment.

They were just trying to do a family picture and Madison was trying to calm down Sonny when, suddenly , Jack got down on his knees and asked her the question: «Will you marry me?»

The moment was even more special and amazing because not only Madison, but also Sonny got excited.

Sonny was overcome with emotion and joy! Madison agreed to marry Jack. In an interview with The Dodo, she described her reaction. She said that she began weeping, but when their dog, Sonny, began to get zoomies, it was so entertaining that her sorrow turned into laughter.

Watch the video below! Enjoy!

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