This couple decorated their little home in a contemporary style that conveys elegance. Take a peak inside!

The small home trend has grown dramatically in recent years. People are increasingly opting to live in houses that are less than 400 square feet in size—the size of a typical small house—and some of them have stunning contemporary luxury interior design.

Cutting your living area equals cost savings, which is why most people are on board with this. This is one of the key reasons for this California couple’s choice to purchase a small home. Take a peek inside Bela and Spencer Fishbeyn’s contemporary luxury house in Santa Cruz, California’s highlands!

Bela and Spencer used to reside in the San Francisco Bay region, but after learning they were spending about $30,000 per year on rent, they realized there had to be a better way to spend their funds. They were both not city dwellers; they liked to travel, be outside, and appreciate nature. Because of their shared passion, acquiring a mountain home became one of their aspirations.

They could not really afford to buy a house, much less a lovely one, at the moment, so they looked at starter houses. That’s when they discovered little dwellings. They discovered the ideal parking spot for their mobile home on Airbnb and chose to rent it out when they travel, which they do around two-thirds of the year. The money they get from renting it out covers their travel expenses as well as the cost of the property itself.

It took six months to create this 300-square-foot contemporary luxury house on wheels. The couple made it a point not to compromise on anything, so they did their best to make it a true family home.

They wanted the little home to seem as open as possible while still giving the impression of being «inside and out.» As a result, they outfitted it with a huge deck that includes a couch, a dining table, and a ceramic grill. They also erected a canvas tent in the backyard.

Rather than stuffing the home with multi-functional furniture, they assigned each space a specific purpose. The compact home has an office, a master bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom, a child’s bedroom, a child’s play area, and a walk-in closet. It may seem like a lot for such a small place, but it’s amazing how everything fits in.

When you enter, you’re met with this large open area in the middle. There is a little dining table set up like a bar. The kitchen is on the left and has a full sink, an oven, micro convection, a five-gas burner, and a full-size refrigerator. The steps slide out to reveal a storage area with a second dining table used for dinner parties.

Spencer used to be a cook; therefore, cooking was a huge part of their lives; therefore, they didn’t skimp on the kitchen equipment. They also put the washing machine and dryer in the kitchen to make their bathroom seem larger.

Bela’s favorite room in the house is the master bedroom, which has a comfy king-size bed with picture windows on both sides. They also added sliding doors to keep it isolated from the rest of the home. The bed may also be raised to provide more storage underneath. A fold-up desk connected to the wall acts as their little office area at the opposite end.

Because co-sleeping didn’t work for them, they built Escher, their 3-year-old daughter, her own bedroom in the basement, which she can reach through a ladder. It comes with a twin-size bed and a tiny play space at the foot of the bed.

The bathroom is just around the corner, and it has a full-size shower, a walk-in closet, a basin, and a toilet. The floor of the shower is adorned in a quaint way with river stones. The inside of this family’s humble home has been completely transformed into a stunning example of contemporary luxury design. Watch the video below to get a glimpse of the cozy space that Bela and Spencer call home.

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