Did you know that Sylvester Stallone has three girls? They have grown up and look amazing

Stallone has been married to Jennifer Flavin, a former model, for 23 years.

Their girls have grown up to be true beauties, thanks to their mom and dad’s gorgeous features, and are already pursuing a modeling career.

Sofia Stallone, the elder, was born in 1996 and graduated from the University of Southern California.

Sophie is an ambitious fashion entrepreneur who is actively involved in the modeling industry. She has also been on the cover of the fashion magazine Harper’s Bazar.

The girl seldom does interviews and describes herself as «the most serious of the three sisters.» She intends to dominate the film industry in the future.

Sistine Stallone is the celebrity couple’s second child, born in 1998.

She is under contract with the world’s largest modeling agency, IMG.

She has also appeared in fashion publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, Town & Country, and Express.

Famous photographers take notice of the girl.

In the 1990s, her mom was a well-known model, and it’s clear that her daughter followed in her footsteps.

Scarlet, the youngest, was born in 2002.

The girl lived in the shadow of her sisters for a long time. She just recently made her TV debut, which shows that she would rather be an actress than a doctor.

Scarlett appeared in a documentary on the making of «The Expendables» in 2010 and went on to work in the film «Get Me if You Can» (2014).

Scarlet, being the youngest Stallone, is closely watched by her father.

Because the father of this female trio is Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone, the girls have grown up with cameras following them around.

But, unlike other young stars who are always on the covers of «yellow» pages, all three of them have always tried to stay out of the news for the wrong reasons.

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