Princess Diana’s Kensington Palace Home: Insider Photos That Had Us In Tears…

Princess Diana was cherished all over the globe, not just for the humanitarian work she did, but also for the timeless elegance she radiated in her personal style and life.  She was affectionately known as the «People’s Princess.» Diana wore a gown that was created by David and Elizabeth Emanuel for her wedding to Prince Charles in 1981, which took place at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. The dress worn by the royal bride was styled with almost 10,000 pearls and included the longest train in royal history, measuring 25 feet in length. After being married, the pair moved into apartments eight and nine at Kensington Palace. They worked closely with the interior designer Dudley Poplak to transform three floors of the Palace into a residence that mirrored Princess Diana’s own sense of taste. In the following, we are going to give you a tour of her own house.

Step into Princess Diana’s formal living room at her apartment.

Princess Diana chose pale yellow walls with gold trim for her formal living room. This showed how much she liked neutral colors. In one corner of the room, there was a large tapestry, a plush lime-yellow couch with carved gold details, and a white rug with floral designs that ran across the floor. The sitting area was made more interesting, almost bohemian, with colorful pillows and a rustic armchair with orange fringe.

The living room of Princess Diana had not one, but two places to sit. On the other side of her pale yellow couches was a comfortable green couch with bright pillows and a textured bench that she sometimes used to put her collection of coffee table books. Behind this spot, there was a big, shiny white marble fireplace with a group of ceramic pieces on top. Pictures of Prince William and Prince Harry were on two round tables on either side of the fireplace. The tables were covered with white polka dot tablecloths with fringed edges. The welcoming area was lighted by intricately painted lights.

Along with lots of couches and rugs, Princess Diana’s entertaining area had a shiny piano with a matching stool covered in olive green velvet. More precious family photos decorated this corner, and a large mirror with a gold baroque frame gave it a royal feel.

See Princess Diana’s office at Kensington Palace.
Like the formal living room, Princess Diana’s study had a calming and soothing color palette. In this part of the royal home, there was pale blue wallpaper with pink and white details, sky blue curtains with white ruffles, a large blush pink couch, and a white marble fireplace. In contrast to the rug in the living room, the one in the study was darker and had winding baroque-style designs. Like all royal homes, Diana’s house had several gold-framed works of art.

Of course, the study also included a space with a large mahogany desk where the princess could quietly do her official responsibilities and correspondence as a senior royal. A white wood-framed chair with mint green fabric stood out against the black desk in an intriguing way. The workstation was decorated with fresh flowers and cane decorations to make it seem more unique.

Have you had the opportunity to have a look inside Prince William and Prince Harry’s nursery?

Prince William and Prince Harry are both married with kids now, but when they were young, they spent a lot of time together in their nursery, which, along with their individual bedrooms, took up the whole top floor of their Kensington Palace home. The nursery was made by the children’s design company Dragons and Walton Street. It had a fun color scheme of red, white, and green, and the carpeted floor had a fun strawberry print. Unlike the rest of the house, this room had cream-colored furniture, bright red armchairs with floral cushions, and taupe walls with bright green borders. One of the boys’ many toys was a wooden rocking horse, which you can see them having fun with in the photo.

In one part of William and Harry’s nursery, there was a white couch with blue trim. In front of it was a small wooden desk for the boys, complete with tiny chairs made of cane. Along with the boys’ best drawings, the nursery was also decorated with other fun things, like a pair of bejeweled sombreros that hung outside the door to the bathroom.

Want to see more of Princess Diana and Prince Charles’s Kensington Palace home?

These photos will give you a glimpse of how it looked like.

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