After ten sons, she has a daughter. What was the family’s path?

Alexis and David Brett of Scotland are the first British parents to have ten sons. Alexis became a mother for the first time at the age of 22, and after 15 years, she had nine more boys. Of course, the woman fantasized about a girl.

Everyone was overjoyed when the daughter was finally born for the eleventh time, including her mother, because they had been waiting for her for 15 years.

Cameron, after the actress Cameron Diaz, was given the name. «The youngster has a positive influence on the boys.» They started behaving better, taking better care of their sister, and trying to be more calm so as not to wake Cameron up. «The guys even help feed the girl,» said the family’s head.

The family lives in a spacious and comfortable house, and they buy 16 loaves of bread, 50 gallons of milk, and 100 crisp packets per week.

Many will think that so many of the little ones are due to cash assistance, but the couple claims that David earns very well and that they do not need benefits.

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