The key to happiness! A Precious Couple Reveals the Secret to 72 Years of Married Happiness. (To learn the secret of a happy marriage, click on the photo below.)

Some couples share a love that is so pure that it brings joy and happiness to everyone who witnesses it.

Kenneth and Faye Babin married 72 years ago, and their love has grown stronger over time. Their granddaughter Jalee recently began posting videos of their long-term relationship on TikTok. The couple now has fans and admirers all over the world!

Jalee began sharing more videos of her grandparents with her fans after a video of Faye sitting on Kenneth’s lap was viewed nearly 9 million times. Everyone swooned over how they still refer to each other as «Memaw and Papaw,» demand hugs and kisses from one another on a regular basis, and genuinely enjoy being with the person they chose all those years ago.

Faye, 93, and Kenneth, 95, keep their answers short and sweet when asked to share the secret of their long-lasting and happy marriage.

“He was handsome, and he sang and played the guitar, so put all of that together, it was very romantic,” Faye gushed, gazing lovingly at Kenneth as she speaks. She went on to say that showing physical affection was always very important to them both.

«Whenever I was feeling down or bad, I’d ask him, ‘Could I have a hug?'» ‘May I have a kiss?’ And he gladly obliged!» She burst out laughing.

When it comes to conflict, they both agree that allowing problems to fester is never a good idea. Instead, they maintain constant communication, treating marriage as a true partnership as they navigate life’s often turbulent waters. «We always talked it out,» Faye explained simply.

Another tip from the couple was to share common interests.

«We loved to laugh,» Faye says of their relationship. «We played cards, dominoes, and a regular poker game.» I had not even considered divorce. Murder, a couple of times, but…» Faye laughed hysterically.

Kenneth claims he has never considered being with someone else. Since he was a young man, he has only had eyes for Faye, and he sees no reason to change the good thing they have between them.

“We never even talked about getting rid of each other, it was always the other way around. Sticking together,” he said.

Faye and Kenneth have been together through thick and thin, and their love never wavered. We can all learn a lot from their devotion and fidelity!

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