A cute video shows tiny newborn twins cuddling each other as if they were still in the womb

This is just too pure.

The sibling link is quite strong, but the twin bond is the most powerful.
A person’s twin exists before birth and will be with them throughout their lives.

Even if twins are not identical, they share DNA and mental processes that connect them. Twins have been known to share senses, read each other’s minds, and exhibit other abilities that indicate there is much more going on than meets the eye.

This pair of twins is most likely the cutest you’ve ever seen. Images from their birth have gone viral on the internet, and for good cause. When you see this cute couple, you’ll be in tears.

The twins were born healthy and normal, or as normal as anyone could hope for. These babies, unlike other newborns, did not appear to be aware that they had left their mother’s womb. Their interaction just moments after entering this world leaves everyone in awe.

To see the twins cuddling, check the video below!

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