The great-granddaughter of a 99-year-old woman is hired as a model, and the photos are fantastic

We are all aware that style is timeless. There are a thousand different color shades in the world.

When you think of fashion, the first thing that comes to mind is a fashion show with beautiful or strange clothes on dream models.
Nonetheless, this story will surprise you because it will show you a side of fashion that you would never have imagined.

It’s never too late to achieve your dreams, so a 99-year-old woman became a model with the help of her granddaughter and the cosmetics company she worked for.

Laney Crowell had a brilliant idea when she decided to pay a visit to her great-grandmother Helene Simon on her 99th birthday.

For a long time, her company had been looking for a model for its advertisements, but the human resources department had never found the right face.
Then she had an inspiration: Grandma Helene should become the new face of the cosmetics company.

The elderly lady has used the same company’s products for many years, so she would be a good fit.

Helene, on the other hand, appeared determined at first. She didn’t think it was a good idea because she was getting older.

The grandmother’s only response to her granddaughter’s suggestion was «absolutely not.» Laney decided to ask her 14,000 social media followers what she should do.

Everyone appeared to be excited after only a few minutes.
People on Instagram were ecstatic about the prospect of a nearly 100-year-old woman working as a model.

They were eager to see the old woman at work. Their excitement compelled Helene to change her response to a resounding «yes!»

Saie cosmetics are well-known for catering to people of all ages, skin tones, and facial structures.

Helene discovered how much fun it was to be the center of attention when she finally agreed to go to a photo shoot with her granddaughter.
Helene appears in the advertisement wearing a mascara that appears to be custom-made for her.

Despite her reservations, Helene realized that attending her granddaughter’s product launch, which could have been her last chance to model, was a wise decision.

She said, “I loved being on set.” “The photographer was nice and hilarious. Helene said, “It was a lot of fun to do the hair and make-up.”

In fact, the photos speak for themselves. Helene is so beautiful that it looks like she has never done anything else but model.

This great-great-grandmother should be praised for being brave and resourceful.

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