Absolutely adorable! Captures of Home Videos During a thunderstorm, a sweet toddler comforts a scared dog.

Home Video Recordings A sweet toddler comforts a scared dog during a thunderstorm. Storms can be especially upsetting for animals because they can’t tell where the loud noises are coming from.

You’ve probably seen your dog or cat flee as thunder claps outside. While we all wish we could simply tell them everything will be fine, one young child knew exactly how to cheer up his furry best friend.

A golden retriever is seen hiding in his family’s laundry room in an adorable video posted to Twitter. Outside, a thunderstorm is raging, and the poor thing is clearly terrified.

Thank goodness he isn’t alone! His small human is nearby, reassuring him with hugs, pets, and soothing babbles. It’s enough to melt any heart!

«This demonstrates a loving family this youngster is being nurtured in,» one user commented. «The world desperately needs more love and compassion!» That’s amazing!»

Everyone, including our furry friends, requires a shoulder to cry on from time to time. We’re so glad these two can lean on each other. They clearly have a very special bond.

Watch their adorable interaction in the video below, and please share this story to make more hearts melt.

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