Little girl steals her mother’s makeup and creates the cutest tutorial video

A lovely young lady knows how to captivate her audience with makeup tips and a demonstration of how to get cookies out of her teeth.

A young girl creates a makeup tutorial video. She suggests that viewers borrow their mother’s makeup, as she did. She claims to have just awoken.

The girl, who has her hair in a ponytail, begins by emphasizing the importance of applying moisturizer first so that the makeup does not «stick to your face.»

She then uses a makeup brush to apply powdered blush to both cheeks. She appears content with the bright pink circles she draws on her face.

Eye shadow is more difficult for the makeup artist to apply. She uses a finger to hold one eyelid down while applying powdered shadow above her lashes.

She takes a cookie break and drinks some juice before finishing her lip gloss application. When she’s finished, she thanks everyone who came to watch.

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