Mom almost gave up on her Down syndrome twins nearly seven years ago. She’s so glad

Julie McConnel hoped in 2014 that her pregnant child would be a girl because her then-three-year-old son desired a younger sibling.
An scan during her pregnancy revealed the presence of not one, but two embryos.

The mother and her husband Dan chose to have prenatal tests done to see if their twins had Down syndrome.

The findings astounded the couple. According to reports, their unborn children have one additional chromosome.

That was how scared they were.

«We were worried, apprehensive, and scared, and we didn’t know if we could handle the load,» Julie explained.

By week 17, the twins’ parents were concerned that they would require special care due to the existence of Down syndrome, and another test verified their fears.

They were disappointed since they had hoped for a different future for themselves.
They had never before dealt with raising a child with a condition such as Down syndrome.

Because they already had four children, the couple felt unprepared to parent twins. Instead of having an abortion, Julie and Dan considered adopting their children.

The tipping point

Julie and her husband contacted the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network, which helped them find a loving family interested in adopting their children.

Before finishing the adoption, the husband and wife discovered an Idaho group for people with Down syndrome.
That event affected their entire outlook.

After meeting other parents who had children with Down syndrome through a local support group, Julie and Dan realized how happy they were.
After this interaction, the mother realized she couldn’t bear the thought of giving up her children for adoption.

She stated that the decision was straightforward once they decided not to let fear stand in their way.
Julie created a Facebook profile before the twins were born so that she could keep her friends and family up to speed on her experiences.
She expected parenting to be a completely different experience for her.

Babies The McConnels welcomed twins, Charlie and Milo, in August of 2015.

The mother said, “My heart burst out of my chest when I saw them.”
I remember when I first fell in love. She said, “They snatched at my heart, and they seemed to be perfect infants.”

Something different

The moment Julie and her husband held their twins, they fell madly in love. They figured out how to raise children through time.
The mother never hesitated to offer the infants the finest of everything, despite the fact that they required extra care.

Her elder children couldn’t get enough of playing with and caring for the twins, she added.
She also said that both Charlie and Milo were born at normal weights, however Milo was admitted to the NICU for a few days.

Milo needed some time to acquire basic abilities like feeding, sitting up, and walking, but he and his sibling are now completely capable of these things at the age of seven.

They cherish every moment spent with their children.

«We normally say Charlie is our athlete and Milo is our scholar,» Julie explained, emphasizing the fact that her twins had separate personalities.
She compared having Down syndrome twins to hitting it rich.

The parents treasure every moment they spend with their children, so much so that they started an Instagram account specifically for them, where they upload adorable photos of their little bundles of joy.

Julie posts her experiences on social media in the hopes that other parents of special needs children may be able to relate to what she is going through.

She appreciates it so much

When asked about her pregnancy, Julie remarked, “We all wish we could go back and reassure ourselves that everything
will be well and not to worry and spend time being so unhappy and terrified.”

he is thankful to have her kids in her life, and all the wonderful and bad moments she has had with them.
A woman who had previously chosen to place her twins for adoption revealed that she now couldn’t see herself living without them.

I’m quite optimistic about my kids’ future, she said.

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