This mother of 12 got pregnant for 16 years in a row, making her a true supermom

It’s difficult to believe, but this young lady has given birth for the past 16 years in a row.

People were astonished to discover 12 children of varied ages in their family movies that had been shared online.
Iris Purnell, a Los Angeles resident, is a diligent worker and a people person.

Dancing was one of Iris, the charming onefavorite ,’s pastimes.

She met her future husband, Cordell Purnell, at a party and realized they had a lot in common.

They began to feel an instant attraction to one another, and soon they were in love.
Cordell, also known as “Storm,” was a professional dancer; their shared passion for the art form brought them together.

Iris eventually got married, had a son, and then she took time off work to concentrate on raising her child.

She didn’t want any more children and wanted to work, but she felt bad about leaving her infant alone at home.

Iris realized she was destined to have a large family not long after the birth of her daughter.

because she found pregnancy and motherhood to be incredibly gratifying.
The couple had no intention of having a large family, but as time passed, they discovered they wanted more children.

So, they take advantage of every day with their big family and count themselves lucky to have 12 kids.

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