‘Columbo’ fans choose the top three best endings that will take your breath away

Many consider these to be the three best Columbo endings. The iconic TV detective dazzled audiences with his ability to apprehend the murderer. In the unforgettable finale of ‘A Friend in Deed,’ Columbo discovers that the Deputy Commissioner, played by Richard Kiley, drowned a woman and attempted to frame someone else. Columbo confronts him, claiming that the bathtub was bone dry and that she drowned before 6 or 5 p.m. «In fact, just about the time you came home for supper,» Columbo says.

«You just lost your badge, my friend!» says the Deputy Commissioner. However, Columbo has duped the Commissioner with the apartment address, so when he goes to plant evidence, he plants it in Columbo’s apartment. Columbo takes shirts, pictures, and underwear from the drawer and explains that they are all his belongings. Columbo rented the apartment that morning in order to incriminate the murderer!

In yet another classic ending from ‘Suitable for Framing,’ Columbo discovers some paintings left in the will of a deceased uncle. While the family watches, they begin to fingerprint the pastel paintings. After being denied the paintings, Columbo inquires about his Uncle’s will. Dale attempted to frame Edna in order to reclaim the inheritance.

«They’re covered in my prints!» Dale exclaims as they dust them for prints. He is aware that Columbo observed him working with the paintings earlier. Columbo informs Dale that they are not looking for his prints because Columbo has touched the original paintings as well. They’re looking for prints of Columbo!

«This is entrapment,» Dale exclaims. That’s all there is to it. He just touched them!» In one of the coolest detective endings ever, Columbo pulls his hands from his pockets to reveal that he is wearing gloves.

The ending of ‘Any Old Port in a Storm,’ starring Donald Pleasence, was possibly the best in Columbo history. When Columbo arrests him at the end of the episode, he explains that he stole some wine that day in the cellar. Columbo served it to Adrian, played by Pleasance, who noticed that it was overheated right away. Columbo explains that this is how he discovered the wine cellar air conditioner had been turned off, resulting in Adrian’s brother’s death.

Columbo pulls over and offers Adrian a bottle of dessert wine as the two men make one last stop at the winery. They share a drink and accept the end with mutual respect for each other’s abilities. All of these episodes have fantastic finales!

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