Stars who did not choose exclusive pets but instead rescued shelter pets

The slogan «Do not buy, take from a shelter» has recently gained popularity among both ordinary people and celebrities.

As a result, stray cats and dogs now have the opportunity to find not just a home, but a truly luxurious apartment.

Whoopi Goldberg

A Hollywood star heard the story of a kitten that was found on a bridge on the roadway. Whoopi Goldberg adopted the cat. He got the nickname Vinnie. By the way, the actress already had one cat named Oliver at the time.

Chris Evans

Chris Evans lacked a pet. Until he started acting in the movie «Gifted». One of the scenes was shot in a dog shelter, and the actor had a crush on one of the puppies. Evans took him for himself and called him Dodger. Now friends do not part — they train together and sleep on the same pillow.

Jennifer Aniston

In 2020, the actress has a new friend — a puppy named Lord Chesterfield. The star took it from the organization Wagmor Pets, which is engaged in finding owners for homeless animals.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a cat lover. In one of her videos, she even filmed a homeless kitten — a «actor» was provided to the singer by an organization that works to place abandoned animals in good homes. When the star held the baby in her arms, she realized she wouldn’t be able to let him go. His name is Benjamin Button, and he now lives at her house.

Jonah Hill

The actor took a 3-year-old pit bull, which the previous owners abandoned during the holiday season. The dog’s name is now Fig, and based on the photo, he appears to be very happy with his new friend.

Olivia Wilde

The star of the TV show «House» believes that animals should be rescued rather than purchased. And she sets a good example for her followers. In 2017, the actress settled with a puppy, to whom Olivia and her fiancé gave not only a house, but also their names. Elvis Sudeikis-Wilde is the full name of the dog.

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds didn’t plan on getting a dog; instead, he went to a shelter to find a pet for his paralyzed friend. He even found the ideal option, but his attention was drawn away by a puppy sitting next to him.

«I noticed this large, dumb retriever staring at me. I whispered to him, «Hey, let’s get the hell out of here.» And he jumped up, as if he understood English perfectly, and jumped into my car, and we’ve been best friends ever since,» Reynolds said in an interview.

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