You will never guess her age!

Tiffany Wedekind lives in Columbus, Ohio. Something happened to the girl when she was 30 years old that changed her life forever.

Everything went as usual, she fell asleep in the evening, and when she awoke in the morning, she was surprised to see herself in the mirror. She noticed some deep wrinkles on her face. They appeared out of nowhere.

Tiffany wasn’t paying attention to them; perhaps she hadn’t noticed them before, or perhaps she hadn’t slept well. We’re all going to get old. A week later, new wrinkles appeared, deeper and more noticeable. The girl then decided to go to the doctor. Tiffany was diagnosed with pregeria, a rare genetic disease, after some tests.

Typically, such a disease manifests itself in children from birth, and by the age of two, a child has a fairly large set of old-age diseases.

Tiffany’s doctors determined that she most likely had a mild form of the disease, which had not previously manifested itself. Unfortunately, no specific treatments for the disease are available at this time, and people must simply accept what is happening to them.

Tiffany proved to have a strong personality and soul power. She does not give up and continues to live her previous life. She now participates in sports and dancing, travels frequently, and communicates with her friends.

Relatives and friends also support the girl, which she is very grateful to them for reconnaissance. It should be noted that Tiffany is a rather fragile woman, her height is only 150 cm and her weight is 26 kilograms.

She has been practicing yoga for many years in the hopes of keeping her joints flexible. She is also the CEO of a large cleaning company and the owner of a paraffin wax manufacturing company.

Tiffany, 41, is currently the oldest woman in the world with premature aging syndrome.

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