The husband cried as the bride left since he knew it was wrong.

Chelsea Hill has been looking forward to this day her entire life: her wedding day. The lady is unable to walk and must rely on a wheelchair.

It was the day she was scheduled to marry her fiance.
When he found out what had happened to his fiancee, he burst into sobs.

Chelsea was a passenger in an automobile accident.
The girl’s legs have been utterly ineffectual for seven years.
She could only move around with the help of a specially built chair.

While the lady desired a happy future with her fiancé, she also desired the ability to rise from her bed and plan her escape from the horrible situation. She was able to achieve her aim over time.

The girl required a device to assist her in standing.
As another gesture of support from the groom, Chelsea’s father took her hand and led her down the aisle.

«As I walked down the aisle with my father, I couldn’t help but believe that something truly beautiful was taking place,» the bride says.
It’s not anything I’ll ever forget. And now I’m thrilled because I’ve done what I’d always wanted to do: stand by my love.

He was caught off guard and burst into tears.
The official wedding photographer posted a handful of their best images online.

He compiled the clips into a slideshow, which quickly
went viral with thousands of views.

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