Hugh Jackman, 54, is a devoted father who was ‘gifted’ with two daughters, both of whom he had long hoped to adopt…

Hugh Jackman, 54, has always acknowledged himself as a person who struggles with making decisions.

When he met fellow Australian actress Deborra-Lee Furness, however, he knew she was the one.

The two first collaborated on the set of the Australian television show ‘Corelli’ in 1995.

Furness now claims she was not looking for a long-term relationship at the time. She had just completed her New Year’s Eve preparations.

She vowed never to date another actor or anyone under the age of 30 again.

Jackman, on the other hand, had always known she was the one for him. After some time, the two began dating, but problems arose almost immediately.

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According to Jackman, Furness considered ending their relationship early on, but he was able to persuade her otherwise. They went on dates for 11 months before getting married in April 1996.

Even though Jackman and his wife always intended to have biological children first, the idea of becoming parents through adoption was very important to them.

Because Jackman was only 27 at the time of their marriage and Furness was 40, the couple decided to start trying for children as soon as they could settle in.

Unfortunately, progress was not being made as quickly as hoped. The Australian couple struggled for a long time before deciding to adopt their children.

Jackman stated that he and his wife had always known they wanted to be adoptive parents, but they had no idea how or when the process would begin.

However, after years of unsuccessfully trying to conceive naturally, they decided to adopt instead and began the process.

Initially, the couple adopted their son Oscar Maximillian through an open adoption, which meant they were acquainted with the child’s birth family and maintained contact with them.

Everything improved after Oscar was born. No amount of planning can prepare you for that moment. Nothing can prepare you for this.

He couldn’t find the words to describe the flood of emotions that accompanied the birth of his first child.

He did, however, observe that the experience had relieved him of all his frustrations and rage, replacing them with a sense of being fully alive.

When Jackman and his wife adopted Oscar in 2000, he allegedly promised to keep Oscar’s birth mother, Amber Sanders, up to date on his son’s progress.

However, in 2004, Sanders stated that she had not obtained a photograph of Oscar and that she had no way of contacting Jackman and Furness, and Jackman was chastised in the media.

She felt cheated because the only pictures of her son she had ever seen were of him with his new family in glossy magazines.

Furness exclaimed that her son, a recent high school graduate and aspiring artist, idolizes the legendary Salvador Dal. Jackman is also pleased with his children, and he and his son have a special bond.

Years after the birth of their first child, Jackman and the actress from «Angel Baby» adopted a daughter named Ava Elliot.

Ava’s joy brought her adoptive parents unimaginable joy, just as it had for their first child, Ava’s older brother.

The weight of the love you feel for your children is tremendous. The love you feel for your partner is different from this.

You have no idea that you have that kind of power; you would sacrifice anything for them.

Despite the fact that they have a lot going on, Jackman and Furness are committed to being involved parents to their children.

The actor observed that as his children approached adolescence, the dynamic of his relationship with them shifted dramatically.

To put it another way, «rather than simply saying, ‘Hey, here are the rules, we don’t do that,’ we now have to show them why.»

Because he knows his children have it easy, Jackman teaches them to use their privilege to help those who are less fortunate.

He says he tries to show Oscar and Ava the right way to act and provide an example for them to follow when it comes to fulfilling their responsibilities to others.

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