A Mother’s Heartfelt Life Confession: My Daughter Has Autism

Because Alice’s behavior is now more or less consistent with normal behavior,

People are less likely to respond to us. It’s difficult to tell if anything is wrong with her until she speaks. It was previously significantly

It is more difficult to agree with Alice. As a result of her desires, she suffers from exhaustion attacks. She used to scream in terror to drown out the noises that bothered her. Whirling, swinging, and other compulsive behaviors include shouting while falling to the ground.

Everyone in society agrees that everything is rotten. Several times over the years, I’ve been «told» that I was parenting him incorrectly.
I once tried to persuade everyone that it was autism, not spoiltness, that was to blame for their predicament. I attempted to defend and educate myself.

But it became unsustainable to continue investing time and energy, especially since many people do not believe in autism but rather in the idea that by doing more for the child and getting yourself together, everything would change.

No, but I did do a lot of research on autism and pay attention to what experts had to say. It frequently came out that I had developed specific teaching strategies on my own. I tried something I’d read about or heard about, and it completely «didn’t work.» Even among doctors with the same profile, their advice was sometimes diametrically opposed. As a result, you must still make your choice while keeping your daughter in mind.

Of course, I make comparisons between her and typical, autistic, and other challenging kids. But to ascertain the extent of the job, not to evaluate him. What must she be able to perform normally? What really does she know? What else is possible? What more issues exist in addition to those that we were able to solve? I make an effort to have a clear perception of the scenario. Not only the negative aspects, but also things in which we are quite fortunate.

Spend no time ruminating on “if I had realized sooner if I had done more.”
Anyone other than the parents will be able to tell if a child’s treatment plan—whether it involves medicine, exercises, counseling, a daily schedule, or a diet—works or is a waste of time. Additionally, avoid becoming too caught up in the child’s autism. It will need a lot of power. And in order for them to be, you need life, your own personal joys, something other than autism and other than childhood successes. Don’t overlook yourself.

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