Adorable Preschool «Twins» Stand Up to Discrimination… Look at How They Act..

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The similarities between these two four-year-old girls are all that each of them can see between themselves and the other.

Bonded by friendship, preschool 'twins' swear they 'share the same soul' |

In fact, Jia Sarnicola and Zuri Copeland believe themselves so similar to one another that they are more than just close friends; they consider themselves «twins.»

Jia and Zuri recently made international headlines after another youngster at a birthday celebration stated that the girls couldn’t be twins because they didn’t have the same skin color.

While some may laugh at Jia and Zuri’s childish innocence, the episode made Jia and Zuri famous all over the world.

Preschool "twins" take a stand against discrimination - YouTube

«You have no idea what you’re talking about,» Jia retorted passionately. Because our souls are identical, we are identical twins.»

The girls remain steadfast in their belief that adults simply do not understand it, and that love can win over any impediment.

View the video…

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