A police officer adopts the child of a homeless drug addict… But then he learns that..

By establishing a new norm, this kind of police officer is redefining what it means for law enforcement to defend and serve the community.


A baby girl who was born to a homeless woman who is battling drug addiction has been adopted by Officer Jesse Whitten and his wife.

Whitten, who works for the Santa Rosa Police Department in the state of California, paid the woman many visits over the course of the year to see how she was doing.

After some time had gone by, the two started to form a friendship.

Whitten last saw the woman exactly one year prior, when out with his wife Ashley.

Ashley struck up a conversation with the other woman about motherhood as soon as she learned that she was carrying a child.


The married couple was shocked to hear from the woman six months later, saying that she wanted them to adopt her infant baby. The mom expressed her desire for them to adopt her child directly.

The mother had high hopes that after her daughter was adopted by the Whittens, she would be able to have a more normal life.

The Whittens granted the woman’s request, and now, six more months later, they have legally adopted Harlow Masie Whitten to become their fourth child.

The infant had to endure numerous challenges as a result of being exposed to drugs while still in pregnancy, but now, despite all of her challenges, she is a beloved member of the Whitten family.

The following is what Ashley told CBS San Francisco about their conversation: «You made this choice for her, and we are really appreciative.» She then told me, «You are now her mommy.

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