After seeing his mother in her wedding gown, the bride’s young son bursts into happy tears

A few moments ago Prior to Sommer When Jean walked down the aisle on her wedding day, she enjoyed a tender moment with her son Mekhi, who burst into floods of joy at the sight of his mother.

Son cries at his mom's wedding dress

A small youngster was overcome with emotion as he saw his mother prepare to say «I do.»

Sommer appeared in a TikTok video on January 8th. Jean was about to go down the aisle when she had a tender moment with her 11-year-old son, Mekhi Sheffield. The youngster breaks down in tears after seeing his mother in her wedding gown for the first time in the video, which was shot by Jean’s hair stylist, Thomas Adrianna.

See a young boy burst into happy tears when he sees his mom in her wedding dress

«Wow, you look amazing, baby,» she says as her son enters the room. «You look fantastic. Are you prepared to accompany me down the aisle?»

The tears flow immediately, both from the mother and the youngster. «I’m really thrilled for you,» he said after hugging his mother. Jean made sure Mekhi’s tears were «happy tears» as she fought back the emotions after their love embrace. «I’ve done well all day!»

«You look great,» he says gently as she compliments his «handsome» white suit and blue bowtie.

Son Breaks Down Upon Seeing Mother in Wedding Dress [WATCH]

«I love you so much,» Sommer continues. Mekhi responds, «I adore you as well.»

Since then, the video has received over 7 million views and over 2 million likes.

Adrianna shared the video on Instagram the next day, stating she and the bride were taken aback by the tremendous response to the TikTok video, which had been viewed over 4 million times overnight. The hairstylist stated that it is «moments like this» that keep her going in a difficult job.

«She is truly amazing with a beautiful story,» Adrianna wrote of the bride. «So it means so much to her and her son! 🙏🏾»

Adrianna also shared photos from the ceremony to her Instagram, including one of mother and son walking down the aisle. Jean’s groom, Jeffrey, could also be seen in the series of photos.

Son cries at his mom's wedding dress

The hairstylist also provided a behind-the-scenes glimpse at her styling technique for Jean’s hair. The bride’s hair was slicked back into an elegant «luxury pin up,» as Adrianna described it. With two curled strands hanging on either side of the bride’s face and her hair swept up and off her face in the front, she appeared like a princess, which made her son teary.

Adrianna completed the outfit with a silver rhinestone accent atop the rear pin-up.

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