«Oh wait,that was me!»Couple Startles themselves when they recognize themselves in a tourist photo taken years before they met… Check out how they connected…

While some might assume that this image just depicts two Chinese tourists posing in front of an outdoor artwork, the reality is far more intriguing.

Husband Sees Himself In A Photo From His Wife's Childhood Holiday - LADbible

The 18-year-old photo depicts Xue visiting Qingdao’s May Fourth Square to cheer up her mother following surgery.

Ye is visible in the background vacationing for his mother’s own pleasure.

Ye, however, went in her place due to an unexpected appendicitis attack.

What about the picture is odd? They are unaware that they will be getting married in eleven years.

Married couple discover photo of them both from 11 years before they met |  China | The Guardian

Ye and Xue met for the first time in Chengdu in 2011. They were married, had twin daughters, and fell in love.

However, until this past week, they were unaware that they had been so close to meeting in a location hundreds of miles from their present residence.

They didn’t find the connection until they were searching through old pictures and noticed that Ye was posing for a photo while standing in the background of Xue’s photograph.

Married Couple Discover Themselves in Photo Shot 11 Years Before They Met |  PetaPixel

The couple’s friends assert that the image is undeniable evidence that their union was predestined.

Ye told Sina News, «I was startled when I saw the photo, and goosebumps spread throughout my body.

«Like you, I took a picture, but from a different angle. It was the same position [as in Ms. Xue’s photo].»

Husband spots himself in wife's old holiday photos from a decade before  they met - World News - Mirror Online

«It seems that Qingdao is one of the most distinctive cities in our nation. When the kids are older, we’ll return to Qingdao and take another family picture.

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