While on vacation, the paparazzi captured the renowned Cher, age 75, sans makeup.

Recently, the well-known singer Cher took a well-earned vacation, but the paparazzi managed to get images of the superstar while she was away.

Unfortunately, the network users did not right away identify the celebs in these pictures. Although Cher was submerged in water, the truth is that she wasn’t wearing makeup. It is not clear why the public is asking her such questions because she does not have to lie on the beach wearing a full dress and an evening gown.

Cher swam in the surf while holding a small whiteboard. The artist was dressed in unique clothing, which she layered with a T-shirt in vivid orange color.

A regrettable majority of network users agreed that Cher had aged significantly. Fans also noted that their idol Cher looks very different in person and is essentially unrecognizable without makeup.

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