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On Valentine’s Day, meteorologist Mary Lee’s boyfriend surprised her by proposing to her while she was filming a story about the Northern Lights, where she’d always imagined getting engaged.

This year, Mary Lee’s dream came true when she got engaged in front of a stunning display of the Northern Lights.

Lee, a meteorologist at San Francisco CBS affiliate KPIX-TV, received the proposal of a lifetime on Valentine’s Day when her longtime partner Ajit Ninan and his daughters Mirium and Madi surprised her at work, according to the site.

Ninan, the daughters, and I stopped by with roses and a very important question in the middle of filming a program about the Aurora Borealis.

«You brighten up my life in the most magnificent and beautiful ways,» Ninan said as he proposed to his girlfriend on one knee. «Do you want to marry me?»

Lee joyfully accepted his marriage proposal, causing tears to fall down her cheeks.

«I love you so very much,» she exclaimed.

When they helped plan it, everyone at the station contributed to their coworker’s fantasy engagement becoming a reality.

According to Lee’s comments to KPIX, «they called it «Operation Marry Mary!»

Lee couldn’t stop «weeping again» as she relived the unforgettable moment after seeing the proposal on television again.

«It was completely unexpected,» she remarked. «You’ve all been hinting at each other. It was completely beyond my understanding. I had no idea it was going to happen.»

In fact, Lee recalls having discussed going to see the Northern Lights with her future husband only a week before.

«I had a dream about it,» she explained. «It was incredible that he was able to pull it off.»

View the video…

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