For 40 years, Jackie Chan kept his marriage a secret. When you discover why, you won’t believe…

This talented actor, who was born in Hong Kong, is well-known for being the most kindhearted and humorous. Also, he decides to lead a covert and furtive existence.

There are thought to be very few details accessible about his family.

Jackie Chan has a strong love for his family, and that is clear.

How he managed to keep his wife hidden from the paparazzi for more than 40 years is quite amazing.

Just look at this woman—doesn’t she look gorgeous?

Close family members of Chan have stated that Chan’s wife has never ceased to believe in his success, to stand by his side, and to even have forgiven Chan for his infidelity.

What a strong woman! What a power! Fans frequently comment on rare pictures with phrases like «What a powerful woman!» or «Maybe she really loves him.»

Jackie, his wife, and their son all live in a remote location, away from all the noise that comes with fame.

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