Dedicated to the memory of our time’s true hero-doctor

Mohammed Meshali is known as a «doctor for the poor» in Egypt. Despite his illustrious education, he refused to live in luxury. His goal is to assist as many people as possible, even if they cannot pay. And he has followed his principle for nearly 50 years.

In Egypt, becoming a doctor is a huge accomplishment. This profession immediately elevates you to a higher level and assures you of a well-fed and secure life. But Mohammed Meshali is uninterested in money. After graduating from Qasr Al-Ain Medical College in 1967, he worked in a state clinic for a while, but quickly realized that he wanted to treat those who couldn’t afford tests and admission — and sometimes prescription medications.

«I was approached by a young diabetic boy. In pain, he begged his mother to pay for an insulin injection. «But she replied that if she bought insulin, she would have no money left over for food for her other children,» Dr. Meshali says. – I remember thinking at the time that I was willing to give up everything for this boy.»

Mohammed has been treating people in Tanta’s poorest neighborhood for the past 50 years. This is an industrial area that does not draw many tourists. He works 12 hours a day, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Despite his advanced age — Mohammed is more than 80 years old — the doctor does not own a car and travels to the clinic on foot. His wife and three children live comfortably, but Dr. Meshali has chosen to forego luxury — he does not even own a mobile phone.

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