Photos of service dogs who are always ready to help in any situation.

Dogs are close to humans and treat people with trust, and people, in turn, trust dogs with various important missions and share the risks and dangers of rescue operations and other activities. Without a doubt, a dog is a human’s best friend. Today, we’ll be talking specifically about service dogs, which are trained to save lives.

Service dogs devote their entire lives to their work, and the first order that must be followed in any case is that of their owner. Service dogs are the only ones who can boast of such dedication.

As a result, you’ll find a list of devoted four-legged friends below. How adorable they are, and how loyal they are. So, let’s get started!

During a training helicopter flight, technical sergeant Andrew Motogomery plays with his dog.

This is Lex, and he enjoys spending his free time away from training with his guide.

American marine officer Blake Soller and his service four-legged friend pay homage at the national service dog cemetery.

The four-legged friend kisses his owner, the British army soldier.

After a three-hour search, a photo of the soldier transports his tired friend back to the barracks.

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