OMG!This story will shock you!Three years after the mother…

In 2013, her son passed away. When a female contacted her three years later, the unbelievable happened. The greatest test for a parent is when their child dies. Heather Clark, regrettably, was headed for just that outcome.

When Lucas was seven months old, he was a healthy, content baby, but a terrible accident ended his life. He died as the nanny was watching over him. Heather wished that no one else had to go through the sorrow of losing a child. Despite her suffering, the distressed mother was able to make an important decision.

The woman granted her permission to use her organs for medical purposes. Her son’s organ donation helped save three people in need. The 4-year-old Jordan Gonzalez was rescued by Heather’s action. The youngster spent her entire infancy in hospitals due to congenital cardiac problems. The girl’s only chance was an organ transplant from a donor.

Lucas’ heart saved her life, and she spent a number of years in the hospital. Jordan thus took comfort in the pain of the Clark family. The boy’s mother eventually heard his heartbeat again three years after he had passed away.

It was a very touching encounter. Heather used a stethoscope to once more hear her son’s heartbeat.

Heather was given a teddy bear by Jordan. Sounds play if you press on his belly. The noises of Jordan’s heartbeat are echoed by this bear. Nothing will be able to ease a grieving mother’s sorrow. We sincerely hope that Heather’s suffering may be somewhat lessened by the 3 lives saved.

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