She was an outcast as a child because of her unattractive features. She is now on the cover of Playboy.

Playboy announced in October that nude photos would no longer be featured on their glossy covers beginning in March 2016. Pamela Anderson is the latest celebrity to appear naked for the 62-year-old magazine. Sarah McDaniel, 19, was just recognized as the first naked model to appear on the cover of Playboy magazine.

This model stands out due to her heterochromia, or the fact that she has various eye colors. «I dreamed of being a model since I was 16, but I believed it was impossible,» she adds.

Despite having over 320k Instagram followers now, the girl does not consider herself an Instagram model. I enjoy uploading photos on social media because I believe it attracts people who share my interests, such as being outside in nature.

” Sarah was born in Roseville and then relocated multiple times throughout southern California due to his father’s profession as the project manager for his company. «My teeth were horrible before I got braces. I had issues with being overweight, among other things. I didn’t wear makeup in high school. I never had a group of pals that would stand with me.

I assumed it was due of my towering stature and unusual features. Nobody liked me, and I barely communicated with my peers. Perhaps I was too engrossed in The Lord of the Rings, which scared people away.

Although the number of social media followers was a consideration for Playboy when selecting her for the cover of a new issue, the main part in this was played by the famed photographer Theo Wenner. He was drawn to the videos that the girl posted on Snapchat practically every day.

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