The tiny ones are ecstatic. This African school has only recently received real computers.

Do you remember a Ghanaian teacher named Richard Akoto who used to teach computer science to small children in school without the use of a personal computer, instead using traditional chalkboards on the school board?

Once images of his session went viral on the internet, many generous people promised to financially aid this African school; Microsoft even addressed the issue by agreeing to provide a computer.

Simultaneously, Akoto noticed that a single machine cannot adequately address the problem and that many other devices are required for full-fledged education in this and other areas.

Thus, not long ago, the NIIT computer school agreed to help the village instructor by gifting five laptops to Akoto children at the moment, and the instructor himself received his own laptop.

The occasion even prompted many Ghanaians to consider nominating Akoto for the national Teacher of the Year award, the main prize of which is a home in a place chosen by the winner.

In an interview with Quartz, Akoto stated that the school need roughly 50 devices to adequately execute the computer instruction. A month after the photos became viral, the instructor received the first contributions.

On March 12, the NIIT African Computer School presented the school with five computers, as well as several unidentified «accessories» and computer literature.
A laptop computer was presented to Akoto.

A University of Leeds employee in the United Kingdom had sent the pupils another new laptop a few days before.

A 13-year-old school pupil said that he had previously only seen computers in images and at a landfill on a trip to the nearby town.

Microsoft promised Akoto a computer and access to instructional applications on March 1. The gadget will be delivered at a Microsoft conference in Singapore to which an African instructor has been invited.

Akoto previously said that her purpose is to prepare children for the national computer test, in which children from rich areas and villages are assigned the same assignment. In 2017, one of the students assisted by Akoto received the highest exam score.

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