Everyone was taken aback by the dark-skinned beauty with blue eyes. And this is how her children appear.

Rasikat, a Nigerian girl, was born into a modest home. She did, however, have a unique characteristic from birth. She has beautiful sky-blue eyes. As a result, she became a big curiosity in her home nation. People came to her parents almost every day to appreciate her beauty.

And, of course, such a girl had no shortage of admirers. Suitors flocked to her from all across the region. Rasikat, on the other hand, preferred Abdul Oma-Dad, and the couple married swiftly.

The couple tried for a long time to have a child, and only years later did their wish come true. The long-awaited daughter was born, and she inherited her mother’s unusually colored eyes.

The couple’s daughter quickly became popular in her native Nigeria, with people attempting to photograph her or simply admiring her beauty.

Her father did not like such popularity of his daughter.

Therefore, when the 2nd little one was born, he hid the little one for a long time, even from close relatives.

When financial difficulties arose in the family, it was the uncommon and infrequent appearance of his wife and daughters that aided the family.

Photographers captured and published images, while Rasikat and her daughters participated in advertising. All of this has paid off handsomely. This duo has a large following all around the world.

And girls should have a dizzying career as models or actresses.

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