Great-grandmother celebrates her 100th birthday and recalls riding in a horse and buggy.

A granny in Oregon has some amazing memories that everyone should hear.

Marianne Tormey, a Minnesota native, celebrated her 100th birthday with her entire family and friends. She spent the next 71 years of her life in Oregon!

Marianne was up in a huge family with five sisters and four brothers. The family had a happy life on a self-sufficient farm.

Marianna only spoke German before starting school in first grade. Then she had to convince her parents to let her complete high school.

Marianne was the only member of her family who went to high school.

It was difficult for her to get to school when she had to walk more than a mile on school days, so she remained with her sister for the last two years of school to make it simpler to get to and from school.

She graduated from a class of 30 students in 1940. Her childhood home lacked even indoor plumbing. Even during the harsh Minnesota winters, the family used an outhouse on their property.

A Great-grandma celebrates her 100th birthday – recalls horse and buggy  being her transportation

They survived the Great Depression on the same property! To make things more interesting, the family would have danced on the farm, which Tormey’s father referred to as square dances.’

The grandmother recalls the family taking their horse and buggy to see other relatives who lived nearby. She vividly recalls her first car, a Model T with canvas curtains instead of windows!

The car also didn’t have a gas pedal on the floor, instead opting for a lever next to the steering wheel.

In 1951, she moved to Oregon. She married and had four daughters. She worked as an independent house cleaner for repeat customers. She also volunteered for the local Meals on Wheels program.

Marianna Tormey is 100 years old, but her family believes her memory is still razor-sharp!

She still enjoys gardening, reading, crossword puzzles, and card games, among other things. Tormey is a proud great-grandmother who enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Congratulations on Marianne Tormey’s 100th birthday! She has surely led an extraordinary life and observed numerous changes in the country!

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