With her miraculous hair, a 9-year-old girl dominated the Internet.

Nastya, nine years old, is deservedly regarded as Israel’s most beautiful girl.

Despite her young age, Nastya is already taking part in photo shoots for well-known businesses in her nation.

Her mother had posted many images of her daughter on the Internet, which were quickly spotted by others.

Many people were blown away by the little beauty’s blonde hair and blue eyes. Nastya Averbukh now has her own Instagram account with 100,000 followers.

Every day, Nastya posts new images to the page, which receive hundreds of likes.

Nastya’s parents are athletes. Her father is a two-time European pole vault champion, and her mother is a master of sports in sports aerobics.

Parents never thought about making their daughters role models and making money from it.

They have no financial issues, and the girl picks which advertisements she will appear in and which she will not.

In any case, they will not compel her to pursue a modeling career, and she will make her own decisions about her future.

Meanwhile, the little girl is content to try on various outfits, create lovely hairstyles, and pose for the cameras.

Nastya attends the most ordinary school, where she has friends who are just friends with her and do not envy her at all.

From an early age, parents try to instill in their daughter a love of sports, but so far she has made her choice in favor of ballroom dancing.

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