This exotic cat is so round that it can easily slide into your heart… If you’re still not convinced, look at the photographs…

Cats come in many shapes and sizes — some are incredibly athletic, while others are adorably overweight — but only the best and brightest will become social media sensations. As a result, we’d like to introduce you to Zuu, a potential cat with a round face and physique who has won our hearts. Because he’s so round, he appears to be a ball of fluff.

He is a two-year-old exotic longhair cat with a distinctive round, flat face. Despite his outward appearance of being grouchy all of the time, he is lovely and caring. Some believe he represents the sensation of hearing their alarm clock begin to ring.

Zuu lives with another male cat, Bocco (a 3-year-old exotic shorthair cat). When the two felines appear overweight and unsatisfied with life, it’s nearly impossible not to smile. They will, however, make you laugh and desire to cuddle with them.

The owner of Bocco and Zuu, who has a vast Instagram history of 1,721 photographs and counting, regularly shares amusing shots of their antics. With over 46.000 Instagram followers, the two cats have now become well-known.

Scroll down to see Zuu and Bocco’s lovely images! This cat isn’t the result of some sort of wizardry or Photoshop; it’s truly completely spherical.

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