Most people are unable to solve this and obtain the correct answer… Can you do it?

Internet users were competing to see who could answer this brainteaser the fastest.

We will propose a solution to the issue. It’s always the same. But why not give it a shot for yourself first?

As a result, we compute the numerical values of the fruits; this is an important, albeit simple, step:

• An apple signifies the number seven (7), therefore 5+7=12.

• However, in order to obtain this 7, you must perform the following action: 1+6=7

• As previously stated, 3 bananas = 6 total. So one banana equals two.

• The reasoning behind the decision states that an apple is equivalent to the number 7, and a grape is equivalent to the number 12.

• The answer sequence will look somewhat like this: 7+12+2 = 21

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