The explanation for Michael Jackson’s famous gravity-defying lean is now obvious…

In the 88th year of the previous century, the music video for Michael Jackson’s song «Smooth Criminal» was released. Fans were more taken aback by the star’s dance moves than by the song itself.

At one point, he decided to defy gravity and leaned forward by up to 45 degrees without bending or shaking. After the initial shock wore off, many assumed Jackson was bound by cables.

But Michael made the decision to pique the interest of his followers even more. He performed his trick live during one of his shows. Furthermore, no cables were spotted around the star. But how did the typical individual accomplish this?

The mystery of the tilt was eventually solved. It was discovered that the feat was performed using a one-of-a-kind device created by Michael and two other imaginative folks. The performer was secured to the ground using special shoes.

Even though Michael Jackson was known for his appreciation of distinctive shoes, the only thing that set the stunt shoes apart was their somewhat thick heel. But there was something strange about those shoes.

They had triangle depressions on the soles of their heels. Special hooks had to be removed from the stage at the precise time for the vocalist to lean over and demonstrate the wonders of antigravity.

Michael and his co-inventors were granted a patent for their original sneakers in 1993.

Jackson dazzled his fans with the stunt till 1996. During his journey to Russia that year, Michael performed in the Russian capital.

But, just as he was about to replicate the trick, something went wrong. Because the lock was insufficiently sturdy, the peg snapped. Jackson then collapsed, sustaining just minor injuries.

After the concert, the fixation and the shattered shoes proceeded to the Moscow Hard Rock Cafe, where they stayed up until his passing. Then, at one of the auctions, they were sold for a stunning $600,000 under the hammer.

Here is the video:

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