Even after 25 years of marriage, those twins can’t recognise their wives… Take a look at their children!

Dagg and Phil Malm, twins, married Jill and Jena, also twins, and the three of them have lived in the same house as a large family for the past 26 years.

For years, both couples have worn the same clothing and hairstyle.

There are just 250 sets of family twins in the world.

Even after 25 years of marriage, the men admit to occasionally misinterpreting their wives.

The Malm siblings and their wives all work at the same company and dress alike.

«Unfortunately, there are times when I can’t tell them apart, so I mimic Jena’s actions to see how they react.» Phil comments, «We never get too close to each other.»

Tim, Phil and Jena’s son, is 20 years old, and Riley, Doug and Jill’s daughter, is 21. They all live in a single enormous house.

The story of unusual pairings officially began in 1991 at the Twins Festival.

The Lassen sisters came all the way from another state to attend the party. During the event, the females damaged the camera and approached Doug and Phil, two guys, for help.

They had a quick chemistry moment and spent the next day together. The age difference between the brothers and their brides is exactly ten years.

They exchanged addresses after the event, but it took them a while to find the girls’ phone numbers. They initially communicated via the phone because they were hundreds of kilometers apart.

The following year, Doug won a Caribbean trip and invited the twins to join him.

«My brother and I went to their hotel lobby and said: «Choose one once and for all,» Phil says. We locked our gaze on them, unsure which Jena we were speaking to.

A few months later, the girls competed in the twins’ tournament, where they won first place and got a marriage proposal from the Malm brothers.

The wedding took place in August 1993. Jena and Jill tried on 53 dresses before making their pick.

It’s worth noting that the brothers didn’t spend as much time together before discovering their soul partners; they had different friends and went to school in different places.

As a result of the sisters’ unbreakable bond, Phil and Doug felt it would be best to keep Jena and Jill together after the wedding.

Twins’ children are similar to one another. Riley acknowledges that people frequently inquire about her relationship to Tim. However, they have distinct personalities and passions.

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