Two brothers were reunited after 75 years apart. They both thought the other was dead…

Morris Sana and Simon Mirowitz, two cousins, were childhood best buddies. They raced and played along the street all the time, never knowing that their paths might cross one day. When the Second World War broke out, however, everything changed.

Following the Nazi invasion of their native Romania, the boys’ Jewish parents fled to a safer area. Since then, the brothers have not spoken to one another.

Naturally, they wanted to reconnect, but under wartime conditions, it was practically impossible to learn the new addresses of relatives, and even this was not a major concern. Years passed without Morris or Simon providing any updates.

Each of them felt that his relative had died as a result of a gunshot wound or at a Nazi-run concentration camp.
After the fight, life scattered them across the globe. Morris relocated and established himself in Israel while Simon did the same in England.

They painfully reminisced about their early years and the joyful times they had spent together each time. But they never contemplated the potential that in 75 years, life would throw them a curveball.

Morris’ niece unexpectedly across Simon’s daughter while searching for family relatives online. She took a spur-of-the-moment decision to find out if her uncle’s cousin was still alive, and she was relieved to learn from Mr. Myrowitz’s daughter that her father was doing well.

Naturally, the ladies immediately told their senior guys of this fantastic news and organized a long-awaited meeting for them. And based on their response, they remain skeptical of what is going on.

People were just unable to control their emotions as a result of what they experienced, which explains their behaviors.

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