Parents Sing «Happy Birthday» to Down Syndrome Toddler, and His Reaction Warms Our Hearts.

As an adult, being the center of attention as people sing «happy birthday» may be tough — what are you supposed to do for the following 30 seconds? Where should you lay your hands? Is it okay for you to sing as well?

Rhett Flener, three years old, has no uneasy feelings. The lovely boy celebrated his third birthday on January 1st, and his parents shared a video that will melt anyone’s heart.

Rhett was born with Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome) and required reconstructive bowel surgery within the first few months of his life. The baby has been in and out of the hospital since then, suffering from ailments such as pneumonia. You’d never guess he’s had so many medical challenges, but the joy in his eyes is unmistakable!

Rhett seems fascinated with his birthday cake in the video provided by his parents, especially the «3» candle. Then, when his parents begin to sing, a huge smile spreads across his face, followed by what can only be described as gleeful laughter.

Rhett’s parents take his cake closer to him and tell him to blow out the candle after the song is finished. He gives it his all and eventually blows it out (with a little help from Dad).

Given Rhett’s enthusiasm for the candle, you’d think the toddler would scream as the flame went out. Not with this youngster. He became even more ecstatic and celebrated his accomplishment with his palms in the air.

In the video’s caption, his mother said it best: «My heart just can’t handle it!!!!!!! «He’s so tickled!»

Check out the adorable video below – and just try not to giggle along with Rhett! Then, be sure to spread the joy and share this with your friends!

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