Nobody can correctly identify this woman’s age… Can you?

Annette Judith Larkins has been eating entirely raw foods for 33 years. Her diet mostly consists of raw fruits and vegetables, grains, beans, wheat germ, nuts, and herbs.

She eliminated dairy, beef, and any other processed foods from her meals. Mrs. Larkins claims she now has the energy of a 25-year-old. «I’m full of energy.

I get up no later than 5:30 a.m., brimming with vim, enjoyment, and inspiration. They all refer to her beloved hubby as her father, with whom they have already celebrated their golden wedding.

Amos wishes to emulate his wife, but lacks the will to do so, therefore he continues to engage in negative behavior. Amos is on a variety of drugs for diabetes and high blood pressure, which contributes to his aging appearance.

Annette had also forgotten how much aspirin she had consumed. Her two grown boys are more like older brothers. Annette Larkins grows the majority of her own fruits and vegetables.

«I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, herbs, and seeds that germinated in my garden.» She calls her garden «the fountain of youth,» by the way. Larkins’ family background is complicated. Cancer was even in her family.

Annette began giving her granddaughter wheat germ juice when she was 7 months old after being diagnosed with an intestinal problem. The infant recovered in a matter of days.

Mrs. Larkins seeks to teach individuals about alternative eating methods that do not make them drowsy but instead offer them a surge of energy. Annette has also seen a reduction in her susceptibility to colds and a lack of illnesses.

She routinely juices her fruits and vegetables. Annette Larkins shares all of her experiences and dishes in several interviews and cooking demos.

She is the author of The Road to Health, a book that offers numerous suggestions for preserving youth and health.

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