To save a drowning fawn, Goldendoodle jumps into a big lake.

In Virginia, a dog saved a fawn from drowning in a lake. What happened next was nothing short of heartwarming. Ralph Dorn, of Virginia, was surprised earlier this week when he couldn’t find his dog.

Harley, the man’s Goldendoodle, had vanished. After some searching, the missing puppy was discovered, and the story behind it was absolutely beautiful.

Ralph Dorn was a retired Marine Corps pilot from Virginia. He claimed on social media that he discovered his dog 200 feet from the lake’s edge behind his house.

When the pet dog observed a baby deer fighting to get back to the lake’s shore, he understood he wasn’t alone. To save the young fawn, the brave dog rushed into the river.

Harley and the baby deer arrived safely at the coast. The dog’s owner expressed his pride in his brave companion. However, the two animals’ stories did not finish there.

Even after Harley and the baby deer returned to land, the dog continued to protect the youngster. Harley simply did not want to abandon the baby deer. He kept licking the cute baby.

Harley’s owner noticed his dog was restless the next day. When he looked out his front door, he noticed that his dog had rejoined the fawn. The fawn had stopped by to thank his savior before walking away into the forest, making it a beautiful reunion.

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